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チェリーガンゾン 🍒
17 January 2018 @ 09:35 am
Hi Pie,

 Advance Happy Birthday to You and to your Kabirths aka Sho-kun.

Hey You know what, you really need to go back to when you just started last August of 2015...
And try to fangirl on your own. Seriously, Your looking and getting so stress out already that your not enjoying it Anymore..

Your Going three years on the 30th of August.  Alot has happen already. But remember you can never bring back
and correct what happen in the past. Nor, Will they ever forgive you at all.  But lets really pray in time they would..
Please do not lose hope nor leave the fandom cause of it. Your no quitter right?!  Promise yourself that this will be the last time
you will be whining over your worst stupidity that you ever did in this fandom. Forgiving yourself for it even if they don't And won't let you forget it...
Move on! You've invested alot into this fandom already.

Beside, I know how much you love them all five of them ... You're CHEESECAKE, KABIRTHS, SUNSHINE, BABY BRAT AND BUNSO ..
They inspire you the most. they still make you happy inspite of everything. Your goals get done, You found your closes friends cause of the group you created. THE DESTRESS SQUAD and your sempais who are with you since the start of you entering the fandom.  ... Power of Arashi right! 


CHEESECAKE for inspiring you with "TARGET FULL SPEED TWO MONTHS" - Which you managed to fullfill the way sacho did. And not breaking and giving up on your goals. For having lots and lots of patiences and being a good leader and listener  And Loyalty to the people he loves.

BABY BRAT for inspiring you with the "500 yen KAZU JAR" you managed to get your financial goals done and inspiring others to save using that technique as well.

for inspiring you to be physically fit again, for reminding you how deicipline you were before when you set yourself in losing weight and staying healthy. And for helping you in finally getting off your diabetics medicine.

SUNSHINE Just looking at his photo makes you smile already. To always be positive with everything that you do. to Get up and fight when someone pushes you down. And always keep that smile on your face and laugh even at your baka moments.

And lastly

KABIRTHS Just no REGRETS! and Ignore what other people say most especially the haters.

Hay Heaven forbid Snap out of it Pie! Cheer up and Move on.  Lets just start anew and defninitly things will change. well actually it already did. And In the end Your Still gonna Thank this five boys for helping you fulfill your goals .

As for the party on the 27th.... Enjoy it! even if not everyone will be coming You are with people who loves and cares for you alot. And Please stop making your Mommy Molly your soulmate and Aiba wifey Worry again whenever  you go silent or go on fandom haitus.

Remember this, YOu may lose alot most especially  the biggest lost  you ever had  in this fandom happen. But you are surrounded with people who loves you alot. who cares for you that they bluntly tell you off if you did something wrong. YOu have your YKE group and members who treats it like its their only home among all the facebook groups that they are in.

Your Strong that you lived through ALOT OF FANDOM WARS and smooth you way out the wars that you created yourself. BUT PLEASE DONT DO IT AGAIN YOU BAKA GIRL! And Yeah listen to your precious Niece Meileigh. she's everything to you and vise versa Shes your besty, your daughter, and niece all in one. And She never failed on you .. She proved that so many times already. So listen your fellow tatsu ok. You got her into this fandom So heaven forbid listen to her.

I guess this is enough .... We got alot of things and goals to accomplished. Alot of saving up to go to japan with Meileigh and Dannix. Goals that we really need to Achieve. Fight-O!

Please Stay Happy and Love yourself Always,


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チェリーガンゾン 🍒

OKEY, This is what came out of this quote. In two months, I HAD about in total of
40,000 yen worth of lose change savings. Aka Kazu Jar.

I posted it here to say THANK YOU SO MUCH OHMIYA
for Inspiring me to save up. For giving me the push and the Decipline ...

great way to start a new year...
With One Passbook account, 2 debit cards.


I Shall update you again after 2 months :)

チェリーガンゾン 🍒
22 January 2018 @ 11:03 am
ep#1 : 15%
ep#2:  18%


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チェリーガンゾン 🍒
18 January 2018 @ 07:55 am

チェリーガンゾン 🍒
16 January 2018 @ 05:08 pm

I was shock to know how the value of this ribbons are.. I was told that fans that cant reach those ribbons actually stand outside the dome with signs if they have extra ribbons to give a way from lucky fans who gotten arena seats ...

Also I heard Fans Attack this ribbons.

SEMPAI SERIOUSLY THANK YOU FOR THIS 😘 As for the hawaiii blast bag Finallay Yatta I got it!  thanks to u 😘

チェリーガンゾン 🍒

Wow! ang bilis matapos nag buwan. Hayy, Seriously I used to looked forward to my birthday. Pero this would be the first time i can really say I AM NOT! parang Meeh moments lang ba. Ewan! I am being over emotional right now, going sentimental and want to go Haitus again. Well, first 2 weeks of 2018 has been good to me maski papano. I only have two main goals and managed to get one fully done. The other one Started today and still adjusting to it. After three days then ill go full force. So yeah, My goals are on point for 2018. I just hope I wont mess up.

Fandom Wise, For Uehara Takuya, projects and shows are booked. Probably he will be back in the usa for vaca and dance lessons ... Can't believe my precious boy will be turning 30 on June 22,2018. So so happy for him he has improved so much.. I love my precious boy. My admins are the best ever since they do enjoy what they are doing . goodluck sa Kuroshitsuji at Zerotopic Takkun. Mahal na Mahal kita. Di ako makapaniwala 4 (four) Years old na ang Takuya Uehara Philippines fan group sa September 25th of this year.. Ang Bilissss!!!

  for Arashi, hmmmmmm I have too many plans or more of alot of things i've been thinking about. Which yeah I admit its driving me insane. Ay Ewan di ko na alam. naguguluhan nalang ako, minsan talaga minsan naiiyak nalang ako actually I admit at times i still do. Di ako maka get over. di ko matangap pero wala akong magawa nor maayos pa toh Baliktarin ko man toh ako parin may kasalanan. Pero sana maptawad nila ako. Malabo man pero patawad sana. Pero ganun pa man Mas minahal ko sila nag husto. mas nakilala ko sila nag husto. Feeling ko nga di ako makaka recover nito eh kahit na ano na cguro gawin ko... Minsan ang hirap magpakita na masaya ako pero deep inside gusto ko na mag wala! 

10 days to go... 12 days to admin meetup / celebration namin ni kabirths. I hope Im okey by then to celebrate with them. ...

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チェリーガンゾン 🍒
15 January 2018 @ 07:39 am



チェリーガンゾン 🍒
13 January 2018 @ 04:16 pm

Congratulations to the cast and crew of 99.9%. We are looking forward to watching the series .
Matsumoto San, Please take care always.

- Lisa, Pie, Mei and Dannix
And all the 221 members of
Yama嵐Kaze Exclusive Admins  💛
Its been a long time since
The "Destressed Coffee Squad" was complete . Since its started last year. I'm so Happy that its Happening on the Eve of 99.9% S2 ..

With Coffee and alot of catching up to do,

See you in a bit
ガンゾン チェリ ,
Remielou Gamueda , meileigh
Dannix Bustamante,  dnnxxnnd
Lisa Fank

チェリーガンゾン 🍒
11 January 2018 @ 11:17 pm

” Target full speed two months! "

This is a quote ive lived by , I follow yes i do fail but this time I succeded.

I only got two goals this year,

Financial is to be able to save up for four categories


2 and 3. 6,000pesos aka around 12,000YEN EACH to splurge on both ARASHI AND UEHARA TAKUYA FANDOM . i both have separate accounts for them where i save from.

4. SAVINGS ACCOUNT PASSBOOK. which i call KAZU JAR. the loose change and other cash i get from my salary and gifts on occations



So low and behold when i read Ohno-san ARASHIMIKUJI minutes ago.. 

Yes My dear Leader! 
Here r my goals and Its laid in Detailed 😁


チェリーガンゾン 🍒
11 January 2018 @ 03:43 pm

2. Harbin

It was our last day in China we just gotten back from Harbin ..
Surviving a nagative 26degree 20mins ur on Russia Boarder Piercing Iced cold weather.

So, coming back to Beijing at negative 3degrees was piece of cake wearing only one layer of Uniqlo heat tech .

Anyway i was taking photos of my Kaasan and Obasan when i saw a lady with two MUMON BEARS on her bag (the white and brown) ...

I know She was Chinese since she was talking to her i guess boyfriend or something.

Anyhow, I was like OH MY GOD! MUMON BEARS SHINOBI NO KUNI to myself i think i said it abit to loud. She turned around and said yes mumon! Ohno Satoshi! , I said YES !  ARASHI FAN?! Yesssss!!! So, BOTH of us Were fan girling for about a minute.

Too bad bf was in a hurry i was not able to get her name.



1. Beijing Forbidden City

3. Snow and Ice Festival ( Harbin)

4. St. Sophia Orthodox Church

5. The Great Wall / Jade Factory